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February 2016
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Use your talent for the kingdom
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Posted by: Antwan @ 10:05 am

Everyone has something to give. There are however some people that have less than others so they feel as if they have nothing to give. God has blessed everyone with talent. Some people have multiple talents while others may only have one or two. Regardless of the amount of talent that you have God expects it to be used and grown and not hidden away. (Matthew 25:15-30) Our talents are what God gives us to earn a living and more importantly are to be used to benefit the kingdom of God. The church is Gods vehicle that is to be used to spread the gospel of Christ to a dying world and its full of talented people. One problem that exists is that there are some people that wish to bottle their talents up until they feel like using them and with who they deem worthy of the talents being used on. In comparision God does not blesss others based on having favorites he is not a respecter of men.  (Acts 10:34) God showers the just and unjust with all they need to live on this earth. Why is it that people will use their gifts everywhere but in the body of Christ?  God can surely raise up stones to do his work but based on the sacrifice that Jesus made its only natural that his followers shouldn’t have any problem using what they have to grow the church.

Guard your Hearts Proverbs 4:23
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Posted by: Antwan @ 12:36 pm

Have you ever heard someone say the phrase my head is in the clouds or I’m head over hills in love? Those phrases are used to describe the feelings that one goes through when they feel like they have made a match. Its also possible to have that kind of love for a friend. Sometimes we believe everything that our friends say without questioning it at all. 1 John 4:1 advises us to test the spirits of individuals to see whether they are of God. We must be careful to Guard our hearts with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life. When we fail to protect our hearts it is easy for dishonest people to creep in sell us a pipe dream and rattle our faith. One of the biggest problems that many people have is letting their emotions be their guides. Emotions have led to many falling outs, unplanned pregnancies, wars, and even death. We should never enter into any relationship based on our emotions. The heart is at the center of our being so it must be protected at all costs. Not guarding your heart can lead to bitterness and a hard heart. Bitterness leads people to make statements like “there are no good men” or “no one can be trusted” You can see someone who has not guarded their heart from a mile away because they drag a ball and chain around called misery. We should pray to God for a spirit of discernment so that we can see all the signs of someone that will hurt our hearts. Decide today to let Christ Guard your hearts.

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Put a little wisdom in your walk
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Posted by: Antwan @ 6:21 pm

The first steps of a new child are one of the pivotal points in their lives. Learning to walk unleashes new adventures that crawling simply cannot deliver. When we learn how to walk we must also learn how to be observant of our surroundings. We need to be able to differentiate things and people that are helpful as well as those that are dangerous. I often term this living with your eyes WIDE OPEN. If we pay close attention to the signs that are being to us they will steer us clear of trouble. To be circumspect means to be cautious and discreet. So when you are walking you need to be cautious noticing your surrounds all around you and the people that are in them. Once you get a sign that this activity or person is not for you, you can leave them behind. Ephesians 5:15 states See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise. Walking circumspectly will get you a lot farther and you will make it to your destination quicker.

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Are excuses blocking your spiritual growth?

Sunday Sermon: Excuses

Scripture: Luke 14:15-24

You Must Be Born Again
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Sunday sermon was titled “You Must Be Born Again”.  How are you born again and is it necessary to be born again in order to live forever in heaven?

What did you get from the sermon?

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Ashley, of the seven churches that John wrote to, which ones did Jesus command to reprent?

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TiCi, please give me a list of the seven spirits?


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Rae, please describe what John said he saw in heaven?

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Posted by: site admin @ 9:57 pm

Daniel, please explain to me what the seven seals are and what they represent.


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Posted by: site admin @ 9:53 pm

LaClara please explain what the seven trumpets are?

What is faith?
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Posted by: site admin @ 7:54 pm

People talk about walking on faith every day.  But what does that really mean to you?

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